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Best Afghan Restaurant in Dubai

Welcome to visiting our Afghan Palace Restaurant Dubai and you are in the right place as we know you are looking for authentic Afghani food. The reason behind customers liking our traditional food is that we prepared with fresh ingredients, spices and meat to make a more delicious taste. Whoever has tried the magic of our chefs once will always keep coming back.

Afghan Palace Restaurant is famous for delicious dishes including Authentic Kabuli Tikka, Shinwari Lamb Tikka, Shami Kabab, Special Chopan Kabab, Kabuli Pulao, and Varieties of Bread.

The starter menu includes Borani Banjan, Mantou, Naane Keema, Bolani Kachalu, Bolani Gandana and Vegetable Soup.

Our Menu

Signature Dishes

We are famous for varieties of Pulao, Kebabs, Tikka Boti and Shinwari Dishes.